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LET US HELP. Look below for the FREE mini meditation books we offer to centers in need. We have some amazing downloads: holiday cards, handouts, info-graphics, and Xmas exercises for your clients--all FREE. In addition, we start sobriety stocking stuffers at only 65ยข. All Xmas gifts over $1 include a $4.99 Gift Certificate for a digital copy of the Pocket Sponsor or the download information for a FREE phone app "Big Book Bytes"!
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Why use our small publishing house for your recovery books?

Christmas in AA

Day By Day is a small grass-roots publisher with books written by and for those in recovery. With only a few titles, namely the Original Pocket Sponsor and related recovery books, our work reaches right to the soul of sobriety. Having trouble motivating your addicts and alcoholics? Try our books before you give up.
Our recovery books speak to the soul
We try harder than Hazelden
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How can my clients use the Pocket Sponsor?

Niko explains how to use this book

You can't be with your sponsees 24/7, but their Pocket Sponsor can. With 744 mini meditations for every hour of the day, they get the support they need. It can help you through the rough times, too. Meant to be carried thoughout the day, this book gives the wisdom of the old timers all year long. A perfect clean and sober support gift.

FREE Xmas Gift for Centers in Need

Free mini booklet for centers in need

We have leftover 1st editions of the Mini Meditation book, the Pocket Sponsor Thumbnail. We will share until we run out. It is excerpted from the Original Pocket Sponsor. This edition has a few typos but many still find it usefull as a recovery tool. If your center needs a little extra help this season, maybe some sobriety stocking stuffers, we are able to offer 25 FREE copies in our 'Pay It Forward Program.' Request the booklets here.

Words from our Readers

Satya B. This pocket sponsor is just fantastic and at times I get my answers from it.I only forward the day I really learn something and not always. Lots of love from India
Review from "Body, Mind, & Spirit" Magazine This exceptional support book also has a phone list for the number of your sponsor and others in your recovery circle. Whether you are new to recovery or have more program time, Pocket Sponsor is a wonderful book filled with words of inspiration and hope. It's a must for people in recovery.
Steve from Scottsdale I use the Pocket Sponsor with my patients at the treatment center. Here is a recent quote, from a letter written to the center, from a patient who completed treatment. "Dear Steve, I want to thank you for the extra help you gave me w/ the Pocket Sponsor."
Dara W. I just celebrated my 7yr anniversary. By the Grace of God and the AA fellowship that I am part of. I wanted to thank you for writing this book & the mini thumbnail book. I am on my 5th one. They wear out easy when you are always opening them. lol, Thank you and God Bless
Eddie from Canada Look forward to the pocket sponsor every morning when I get up,for you to start my day off on a positive note. I pass it on to everyone on my address list. Keep passing on all of that great wake up info. It sure start's my day off on the right foot.I still don't know how you got my email address,but i sure am glad you did.Keep the great gift of hope coming.
Brian from Maryland Please know how grateful I am for this handy , concise , thought provoker... Little did I know how often we would refer to that little volume! Since that weekend, my sponsor has been diagnosed with a serious terminal illness.Your book is one that he consistently mentions frequently as a source of inspiration during our times together.
Tom in Poland This Pocket Sponsor is probably the best thing I have in my in-box each day. I have had others daily things sent to my email, but none as good as this. Very practical, can be applied immediately and isn't full of jargon and holier then thou sayings. I love it!!! I'm very grateful I am getting them.
Robert F from San Diego I am so pleased to have found "The Pocket Sponsor". So far I have passed on a copy to my sponsor, who carries it in his car, reading the appropriate time each time he gets in the car. He thinks it is wonderful. I also gave a copy to a newcomer that was having problems putting together 24 hours without a drink. He reported today that he now has 60 hours without a drink with the help of "The Pocket Sponsor"
Bernadette from Canada I think the pocket sponsor is a very good thing..sometimes I read something in it that strikes me and I say to myself- that is so true...

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