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25 FREE Mini Meditation Booklets for Centers in Need

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We're still trying to help treatment centers that need some extra support. These are the mini meditation books, 1st edition. This mini booklet was printed in Texas by a really nice gentleman--and we discovered some mistakes in typesetting only after he had printed 50,000! We didn't have the heart to send them back, so we posted an explanation and put them up for sale. Most customers didn't mind and were just glad for the mini meditation booklet with the place for the sponsor's number and the sponsee's sobriety date inside. As soon as we could afford it, we went to the corrected 2nd edition. For centers in need, we now want to donate 25 of these 1st edition booklets for our Pay It Forward program.

Some of the centers we were able to help in the past:

April 2023: Full Circle Recovery Community Center, Omaha, NE: Stephanie B., an employee told us, "This is a grant driven new recovery community center that is in a location that has never had help for addiction. It’s a heavily populated area called Council Bluffs, Iowa that is full of crystal meth addicts. The Full Circle Recovery Community Center has peer support, recovery coaching, volunteers, a helpline and just an all around great welcoming place for All Recovery." We like your enthusiasm, Stephanie. Twenty-five mini booklets are on the way.

January 2023: Health and Healing, Scottsdale, AZ: Rochelle D., a client and volunteer wrote in, "I am currently a client in this recovery program. I have a pocket sponsor and I love it. I take it with me everywhere. I would like to be able to a get one for the clients who are in this program with me. I think it is a very useful tool."Rochelle, welcome to recovery. You're already working the program--Step 12! Keep up the good work.

September 2022: Health Connect America, Shelbyville, TN: Nicole C., an employee asks for her clients and self, "These mini pocket sponsors would make a great and useful gift for our client's who are graduating their IOP program. Once these client's leave this program they tend to struggle with sobriety, especially without their weekly IOP meetings. This would be a great tool for them to utilize when the face an addiction craving while out in the world." Nicole, we hope these few booklets are a useful tool for your clients.

August 2022: Northern Valley Indian Health, DAVIS, CA: Lynn Y., an employee asks for her clients and self, "This would be so helpful in my new position as and AOD counselor here in the Native American Community. These would be great helping out all the clients, reminding them that they are not alone, and that someone out there does care for them."

July 2022: St. Joseph Recovery Center, PARKERSBURG, WV: Brent M, an employee wrote in, "Limited access to the internet and the weekends are free time with no classes and limited reading material. Any guidance and free resources such as books would be wonderful." Thank you Brent for reachng out.

June 2022: Meridian Health Services, WATERFORD, MI: Sarah M, a supportive commuinity member wrote in for the center, "There is currently no literature that is offered. Clients leave with no idea where to go or who to go to for help if they are not going to recovery housing." Sarah--we need more community members such as you. The booklets have been sent.

May 2022: Preferred Child and Family Services, TWIN FALLS, ID: McKay W was very complimentary, "Our substance abuse program would greatly benefit from these mini booklets. We had a few and received great response from clients. They give clients something small to keep in their pockets that encourages them to stay sober and reflect on recovery. Additionally it provides them with a convenient place to keep their sponsors number, and remember their sobriety date." Your kind words mean so much. Makes it worth the time to try and help..thank you.

February 2022: Department of Developmental Services, NAUGATUCK, CT: Nicole V. wrote, "Working with individuals and families with developmental and mental health diagnosis that need support tools with the recovery process. We run recovery and social groups." Thank you Nicole for reaching out. Glad to help.

January 2022: Toxicology Associates, HOUSTON, TX: Christy S wrote, "Great book for my members to keep on hand of their sobriety date and informative positive venue that is theirs and theirs only. This is like a reward for a job well done ❤" We are glad to help in some small way.

December 2021: GENESIS EAST, HOPKINSVILLE, KY: Tammy, who works at Genesis, wrote to us, "The clients we serve are usually destitute from living that life on the streets. Many have nothing at all when they get here. We have a case management supply for toiletries, underwear, socks, and sweat pants/shirts. Anything we can get to help them is appreciated." Tammy, I see you also placed an order--thank you. As a special bonus, I sent you 25 regular Pocket Sponsor Thumbnails--not the original with a few printer errors--so you have the updated ones. I hope this makes everyone's Xmas a little brighter.

November 2021: Exodus House, Kewaskum, WI: Nicole T, an employee, really believes in the mission of her center, "We are a nonprofit 90 day residential treatment facility for adult men with substance use disorders. We are the most affordable residential program in the state of WI. We keep our costs low, so we can help the most people. Most people don't realize how razor thin margins are and we rely heavily on grants, donations and volunteers. The residents would love feeling thought of and appreciated by receiving this to take with them at discharge." Nicole, I hope these help in some small part.

July 2021: Sober Living Community, Philadelphia, PA: Kelly R, is a support menber of the ocmmunity and just wants to see this home get a little extra support. Kelly wrote, "We are a sober living community based on spiritual teachings of AA and God." Thank you for taking the time to help your community Kelly. Books are on their way.

April 2021: The Right Choice Counseling Service, Bremerton, WASHINGTON: Courtney, an employee at Right Choice, Reached out to us, "By any means necessary! We are interested in providing various tools for our clients to explore different aspects of sober living." 50 mini meditations books are on their way to you!

January 2021: Alpine Recovery Services Inc.Arlington, WA: A wonderful employee, Lynn, of Alpine wrote about their need for a bit of support, "We are a small outpatient treatment program that continues to see patients face-to-face. These booklets could go far in supporting our patients. 12-step programs are part of the requirements to attend treatment, as well as getting a sponsor. Everyone can use extra support during this challenging time and we find that when patients engage with others they are more likely to develop a stable recovery program. I facilitate several relapse prevention groups and envision utilizing these during the aftercare phase of treatment. I have one of the early versions of the Pocket Sponsor Thumbnail from 2009-2010 in my office." One hundred of the first edition are on their way to Apline.

August 2020: Serenity Lane, Portland, OR: An employee from Serenity Lane, Kevin, wrote, "I work for a out patient program and have been using tele-health since March. I’m the only counselor who currently has in person groups with a max of 10 plus me. I would use these mini booklets with my vertical clients as an added support tool as well as incorporate it in to our group discussions. My hope is the group members would be able to use it after group hours to support each other." Kevin, I am so glad you are using telehealth but still finding a way to meet in person--please stay safe and your booklets are onthe way.

November 2019: The Last Resort, Modesto, CA Kara, an employee of the center wrote, "I work at, The Last Resort, a co-ed adolescent recovery program serving 13-17 year old clients. We are a small non-profit organization and are always in need of helpful literature for our clients. I believe these mini recovery booklets will be a great asset to our program. I would appreciate your consideration in providing these helpful booklets to our program." We are so glad to help Kara, and are sending you 40 mini meditation booklets. Merry Christmas

FALL/WINTER 2017: Gosh, this year at Day By Day, we have had a flood of requests for free books. We give away books every month as our way of paying it forward. Unfortunately, we can't keep up as much as we would like to. Rather than turn any one organization away, we are going to divide the books up between multiple centers--we apologize for those who receive less and hope that the few books we can send will be added to your library and made available to the newcomer.

Here are the Winter's recipients of Day By Day's free book program.
Frontier Health (Magnolia & Willow Ridge), Johnson City, TN Meagan F wrote, "Every year for Christmas we fill stockings full of goodies for the clients who sometimes are having their first Christmas sober in decades, and for some of our clients who grew up in traumatic homes Christmas with us is their first real Christmas. Making the clients feel special and loved is our goal each Christmas season, and making sure they receive great treatment is our goal year round. Thank you so much for all you do for organizations"

Moapa Band of Paiutes, Moapa, NV An employee wrote, "Young adults and children are more at risk for substance abuse and neglect in this small community opposed to inner city children. The community needs tools such as books to reference in order to reduce the risk they are enduring. Through community education, the risk can be reduced and I am asking for literature to help with this issue and give hope to those in need. Thank you."

MoeMoes, Clarksville, TN Melissa P shared this, "I think it's a wonderful thing of what you are doing and I want to help if I could I love spreading the word of God"

Here are Fall's recipients of Day By Day's free book program.
Rainbow Center of Michigan, Highland Park, MI TyShaun B wrote, "These books would be a great tool to interact and teach our clients the hopefulness and necessity of recovery."

Brookside Residential Treatment, Pikeville, KY Karen G wrote, "The facility is fairly new and we need all the helpful addiction recovery books and material we can get."

Addiction Recovery Care, Lexington, KY Ashley D wrote, "I have learned that life is a journey and on my journey, I want to bring out now what lies within me to the suffering addict so they too can see there is hope for the hopeless and help for the helpless."

F. E. A. R, Erie, PA Aliciaa T wrote, "Starting my own non profit organization called F. E.A.R. need anything that can help me start this organization"

Mary Martha House, Wheeling, WV Dara W wrote, "We are able to house 5 women at a time and offer them a safe, drug, drama free environment for them to reconnect to their former self. Your books would be a wonderful addition to our recovery library and meditation room library."
Wanderers, Atlanta, Georgia Greg E wrote, "{Our center} is a purely donation only funded group and they are in need of text for study and education."

September 2017 Queen of Angels, Saginaw, Michigan Cierra S is a former client of the Angels Center. She wrote "These books would be great for the newcomers or even the ladies who know the program so they can help the ones who are just coming in. Its always nice being able to help people who want to be helped. I enjoy sharing my experience, strength, and hope with others and I think the books would be a great tool." Thank you Cierra, we enjoy sharing our ESH with you too!

Newer, corrected edition, now available

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More recipient comments...

August 2017 Family Recovery Center, Lisbon, Ohio An employee, Tawnia J wrote to us requesting some support. "We are a non profit organization and I believe your materials will help us reach our participants just beginning in the program. It would be a great item to put in their tool box of recovery that we are helping them to build. The first 30 days in recovery are crucial in showing the participant there is a light at the end of the tunnel."

July 2017 Celebrate Recovery, Walnut Grove, MS DeWayne M supports this program as a community member. He wrote, "This is a Christian based organization and the HELP that THEY give people is tremendous." Dewayne, we're sending some books for your library. Included is: Walk Softly & Carry a Big Book, Sitting in Pictures, the Pocket Sponsor, and working the 12 Steps in Conjunction with Cancer.

June 2017 House of Grace, Louisville, KY Sharon F is a former client of the House of Grace. Her words were simple, "To help the alcoholics and addicts in the household get extra help." A little extra help is on the way.

May 2017 Hagerstown Treatment Center, Hagerstown, MD Lynn K, an employee wrote, "I would like the books for Substance Abuse counselors to have more resources to help our patients. I also would like to be able to offer resources to patient as to help them be successful with their recovery." Your pay It Forward Gift includes a first edition workbook and facilitator guide for starting a parent's group--Sober Coaching Your Teen. Thanks for letting us contribute.

March 2017 Briscoe Treatment Center, Lake Charles, LA Director Mouton wrote in, "I am the director of a treatment center for Medicaid and indigent clients. We are trying to run a program without any Big Books and any recovery materials would be greatly appreciated." Ms Mouton, we greately appreciate the work you do and some books for your library are on their way.

Feb 2017 American Youthworks, Austin, TX Evette recently came to work here and had a good expeirence with Pocket Sponsor products from her prior job--so she wrote in for more help, "To assist with young adults struggling to remain sober. Provide hope and coping skills and positive support." Evette, we are so happy you are workign with these young people--your books are on their way.

Jan 2017 Women's Bureau, Fort Wayne, IN An employe of the Women's Bureau, Keba, wrote, " Our organization services women with children. We are the only long term organization of this kind in Indiana that allows children under the age of 6 to reside on the premises with the mother. Our residents are not only involved with our program but also with DCS, Community Correction, Drug Court and programs of the like. So they are being required by one or many of these program at the same time to complete the services. It would be nice to have some literature available when times are tough and there don't seem to be anyone to turn to. If they can just read some positive literature to get thru until they can reach their sponsor or another person in their support system that would be awesome." Keba, we think that woudl be awesome too. Your books are on their way.

Dec 2016 New Life Recovery Center, Radford, Va Leigh Ann is so sweet when she wrote in, "We are often short staffed but that's OK because the people that do work here love the work and the clients so much that covering shifts is not a burden. We are small only hold 10 clients at a time but we have been told by clients that have been to larger more expensive treatment facilities that we offer more and that gives us the desire to work that much harder. We love to celebrate sobriety and have an annual Celebration Of Lie picnic where we invite the recovering community, their families and any one who would like to celebrate the life they have now. Any books or literature that we could receive would be a wonderful addition to what we already do. Staff often sit and dream of things to get for our clients ( if we had the money to do so) I and many of my work colleagues believe that the world would be a better place if every one worked the steps." Leigh Ann, we don't have enough for all your clients but we can send you some for the waiting room. I think they'll like them.

Nov 2016 Turning Point Recovery Centers, Mexico, Missouri Kylie N. had a lot to say, "Our office is a non-profit, outpatient treatment facility that closely works with many local organizations in the community. Currently, one of our two hour group sessions we offer covers the facilitation and understanding of 12 step, self help groups. This book would be ideal to give to each of our consumers either during or once they have passed this 12 week course and begin going to self help meetings regularly. This would also be a great book to keep in our lobby as we have many consumers that come in for a safe place to keep them from using so we are always looking for materials to help them stay busy. " Kylie, we don't have enough for all your clients but we can send you some for the waiting room. I think they'll like them..

Oct 2016 Get Real Recovery, San Juan Capistrano, CA Alexxis Torres who works for Get Real Recovery, wrote and had a simple message about the recovery center he works for, "Great organization with people that are in need." You can't get more simple than that and don't we say, "Keep it Simple?" Books on their way.

June 2016 Sunstreet Center, Salinas, CA Alice Dubberly wrote to us and said, "Salinas has several people that go through treatment at Sunstreet Centers and we are a non Profit organization. We try to have fundraisers to allow indigent people treatment in our program. I feel any information could be helpful in our Mission." So Alice, here are some books to give away at the fundraisers.

May 2016 Half Way Home, Crawfordsville, IN On behalf of Half Way Home, Connie Esra wrote to us, "I am addict/alcoholic in recovery. I know how much the day by day literature helped me not only in the beginning but still today. I want these girls to have every possible opportunity at a better understanding of a new way of life. The pocket sponsor is full of so much hope, so many coping skills and such good direction everyone should have one!" Thank you Connie. Now you can hand out a little more hope with the books you have won. Thank you for the work you do.

April 2016 Detroit Lakes Recovery School, MN The Coordinatory Ms Goodwater writes: "I am the Coordinator for the Lakes Recovery School. We are a sober school program within the Detroit Lakes Area Learning Center in Minnesota. We are only one of 4 remaining sober high school programs in the state of MN and the only rural program. This program is designed to help students who have completed a chemical dependency program and are motivated to work a recovery program while working towards high school graduation. We provide additional sober support and have a sober support group as part of the daily classes. I have spoken to some of my students who have indicated an interest in the Pocket Sponsor. We would be grateful to have some of your books donated so that my students can have that additional resource and support. I currently have 10 students in my program." We are so glad you wrote in--we defiantely support recovery schools--thank you for your good work.

March 2016 Day Break Youth Services in Spokane, WA Employee Trina writes, We are treatment center dedicated to the health and well being of at trouble youth females who also have substance abuse issues. We know that our clients are very impressionable at this time in their lives and we want to give them the proper tools to cope with such a difficult transition. We here at Daybreak Youth Services feel that the books you can provide will aid in that process to their health and happy recovery. We sent you 4 pocket Sponsors, 1 Walk Softly and Carry a Big Book, and a Facilitator Guide for running a family suppport group.

2015 Ron R. Memorial Retreat (Mens Retreat): We sent a case of books for this very special event. If you live on the East coast, consider going--the best groups of guys who do so much for recovery.

Oct 2015 Touch of Love Ministry in San Bernardino, CA: Tammy Patterson represents the Touch of Love Ministry in San Bernardino, CA. She wrote, "I believe that we need literature to better educate people about addiction. We also need to educate the abused women and children we work with. Their situation is often made wrose by the disease of alcoholism--thanks for any help you can give us." Tammy received 3 Pocket Sponsors, one pack of 50 Pocket Sponsor Thumbnails for the new AA meeting they are starting, a Respect Me Rules Workbook, and copy of Walk Softly and Carry a Big Book. We hope we've helped you make a difference, Tammy.

April 2015. Anita called today from Georgia: She is not a treatment center but she is from one. After getting out she had a slip and is desperately trying to get back in recovery. "I like the other books, " she almost cried into the phone, "but the Pocket Sponsor helped me the most becasue it it was there for all the time. I don't know how to get one. Can you help?"
We sent Anita a copy as a Pay it Forward offer. She has promised that when she gets on her feet, she will buy a Pocket Sponsor for a newcomer.

December, 2013 Sober Solutions, Port richey, FL: I have been abusing drugs and alcohol for years. I never took recovery serious and I never followed any rules. I was going to treatment with Sober Solutions and I would like to tell you that I owe my life to my Counselor Brenda Brown. She told me things that really opened my eyes. Brenda has a natural gift when it comes to helping people. I hope you could get the chance one day to meet this woman. She is excellent with treating people fair. When I would listen to her I would feel so much emotion. Brenda gave me hope and got me started on the path to believe I really do want a better life. ~Timothy M.

November, 2013 Trimumph Treatment, Yakama Washington, by Rose R: Triumph treatment services is a non profit organization who provides treatment including residential for Pregnant and parenting women, residential for men, outpatient for men and women, assessment services, clean and sober housing for men women and families, emergency 30 day housing for families, and advocates and support systems for parents. They give to the community by promoting backpacks for the homeless and a diaper bank for parents in need. The employees who work here care about every individual who walks through the door of each facility. We treat them as a person. Our clients know we care and are committed.

February, 2013 Nexus recovery center, Dallas, TX. Danielle K.Alumni of this center, has won them 10 books--she really cares for you guys! She wrote:This recovery center has helped to save my life. This is the only facility that is for woman and children in dallas texas I was able to give birth to my son and have him thee with me till I discharged they helped mw get housing and I still get. support when needed.

January, 2013 Ohio Valley Recovery Unity Ctr. Whelling, WV. Dara W., a supporter of the Unity Center has won them 10 free books. She explains that thethe center has evolved into a lifesaving/changing place. It is a place where we,my sisters & brothers in recovery can go for meetings of many fellowships, have a safe place to meet w/our sponors/sponcees. Plus it also has a coffee shop sm. snack shop. In the lower level there is a game room in the upper level where there is a meditation room. (this is were I have met my sponsor to do everyone of my steps) The UC also gives a place for local news and facilities to get questions answered for community awareness. I often hear newcomers say, "what would we do w/o the UC? Where would we go when we feel squirrely? That is why I feel the UC should be gifted the recovery literature.

August 25, 2012 Recovery Response Center, of Ellendale, DE Rob A, an employee of the center, told us:State of Delaware just opened a Recovery Response Center here in Elledale, DE.It's a 23 hour crisis unit. We help both sides Mental Health and drug and Alcohol. We would like to put the books out for a reading source while the are here and also if someone has a drug and alcohol issues we would like for them to use it as a tool if they would like take one home with them. Shelly take care and talk at you soon.

May 25, 2012 Core-Center of Recovery in Shreveport Janet wrote, the Core is a wonderful program that is Spirit driven. It is not only saving lives, it is saving souls. Most importantly, it is one of the few recovery centers in the country for compulisive gamblers. In my opinion, it is the best of it's kind in the world. There are some parts of Louisiana where there are little or no GA meetings. It's hard for the compulisive gamblers to find a sponsor close to where they live. This book could keep them grounded and focused until this works it's self out. I just know it would help.

April 2012: Norcap Lodge of Foxboro, MA. An alumni wrote in, Jill C and told us, "NORCAP IS TRULY AMAZING. THE STAFF TRULY CARES ABOUT EVERY PATIENT. MY SOBRIETY BECAME A REALITY BECAUSE OF THE INFORMATION AND HOPE I RECEIVED HERE." Well Jill, your center just won 10 free Pocket Sponsors!

March 2012: Karren K from the treatment center Thunder Road, has written in from California for her favorite center andhas won 10 books for their clients. she wrote, We are a nonprofit residential treatment facility working with youth aged 13-18 who are struggling with addiction issues. Our clients are awesome kids who have faced a lot of adversity and come here because they want to experience a better life. Many of them are foster youth, or youth who come from families who are also struggling. We offer 12 Step as well as therapy and family therapy groups, school, and a lot of outings to encourage fun in recovery. Check us out - Our staff are a diverse group that includes both recovering people and people who have graduated from our program, with the mission of one person helping another." Thank you for caring, Karen.

Feb 2012. Journey Counseling Services (Loren E. Novak & Assoc.) we love when we can really make a difference. thank you Julie for nominating your center--we were truly touched. Julie wrote, We are the only treatment center in our county that continues to provide transportation for clients. While this is a losing proposition financially, it is what needs to be done, therefore, we have to cut back in other areas. We have no literature budget; staff bring in what they find by diligently looking at thrift stores." you ahve 10 Pocket Sponsor's coming.

June, 2011. Demetrius from Chattanooga, TNis doing an internship in the Bradford Health Care Services Department and wanted books for their young clients. "This center is in need of resources to help young adults," he wrote. Thanks for caring, Demetrius!
October, 2013 Stevens Correctional Center, West Virginia am a Chaplain at a West Virginia Division of Corrections Prison called Stevens Correctional Center; I also moderate the NA/AA groups sessions at Stevens C.C. I am essentially appealing to you for donations of Books, resources or any materials that you could donate to to help our NA/AA group meetings? We do not have a budget to work with and therefore, we do not have money with which to purchase any literature, and would be greatly helped by any contibution that you could make!